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BOCA/Mending Plates

  • Used to provide protection for pipes and wiring from nails or screws
  • We offer many different sizes, along with self-nailing options
  • Stamped with 16 gauge stamp

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18 GAUGE | 16 GAUGE | BOCA Plates

Protective plates used on top or bottom to protect piping behind the wall
Available in 18โ€ to reinforce top plate for DWV or Air Duct Installation
Used for cold formed steel stud construction using proper fasteners

Part NumberDescriptionQty/PkgPkg Weight
MP-2.517.5162 1/2" X 17 1/2", Galvanized Mending Plate - 4 Hole5037 lbs
MP-39163" X 9", Galvanized Mending Plate5031 lbs
MP-318163" X 18", Galvanized Mending Plate2520 lbs
MP-3.56163 1/2" X 6", Galvanized Mending Plate - 4 Hole2510 lbs
MPS-3.56163 1/2" X 6", Galvanized Mending Plate SELF NAILER2510 lbs
MP-3.518163 1/2" X 18", Galvanized Mending Plate - 4 Hole2529 lbs
MP-55165" X 5", Galvanized Mending Plate7534 lbs
MP-56165" X 7", Galvanized Mending Plate5026 lbs
MP-57165" X 9", Galvanized Mending Plate5032 lbs
MP-59165" X 9", Galvanized Mending Plate5041 lbs
MP-516165" X 16", Galvanized Mending Plate - 8 Holes Each End1521 lbs
MP-518165" X 18" Galvanized Mending Plate - 8 Holes Each End157 lbs
MP-66166" X 6", Galvanized Mending Plate5030 lbs
MP-68166" X 8", Galvanized Mending Plate2521 lbs

Manufacturer Recommendation use #10 self tapping screws for 16โ€ and 18โ€