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BOCA/Mending Plates

  • Used to provide protection for pipes and wiring from nails or screws
  • We offer many different sizes, along with self-nailing options
  • Stamped with 16 gauge stamp

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18 GAUGE | 16 GAUGE | BOCA Plates

Protective plates used on the top and bottom plates of the wall to avoid penetration of fasteners into wiring or piping
Self Nailing feature promises fast and handle free installation
Used for Cold Formed steel stud construction using proper fasteners

Part NumberDescriptionQty/PkgPkg Weight
MP-58165" X 8", Galvanized BOCA Plate - 6 Holes2518lbs
MPS-58165" X 8", Galvanized BOCA Plate - 6 Holes SELF NAILER2519 lbs

Manufacturer Recommendation use #10 self tapping screws for 16” and 18”

G185 Galvanized available