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Hanger Iron

  • Commonly known as Plumber’s Tape
  • Versatile product used for hanging or securing any type ductwork, tubing of pipe.
  • Offered with Bolt Holes Only
  • Alternating 5/32” Nail Holes and 1/4” Bolt Holes

APPLICATION: Cut Hanger Iron (Plumbers Tape) to desired length, wrap around pipe and drive nail or screw into framing member such as a floor joist.

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Plain Steel | Stainless Steel | Galvanized Steel | Copper Coated | Plastic Strap | Self Locking

Plain Steel available in 22, 24 and 28 Gauges upon request.

Part NumberDescriptionGaugeQty/PkgPkg Weight
ISI-203/4" X 10', Plain Steel, Individually Poly Bagged202425 lbs
20S103/4" X 10', Plain Steel, Bulk Packed205051 lbs
20S253/4" X 25', Plain Steel, Individually Boxed201026 lbs
20S503/4" X 50', Plain Steel, Individually Boxed201051 lbs
20S1003/4" X 100', Plain Steel, Individually Boxed20551 lbs

Cartons per Skid can be modified based on order quantity

Special Sizes & Packaging Available